You cut Ellis! You don’t resign Spencer!

The Dallas Cowboys are driving me insane these days!

Greg Ellis. He had 12.5 sacks in 2007 and 8 sacks in 2008. So even a guy with 20.5 sacks was on the chopping block for the Dallas Cowboys.

You cut Ellis because of the leap of faith you were willing to take in Anthony Spencer. Right? Well that didn’t turn out so great. Spencer has been a bust and has never had more than 6 sacks in one season.

You cut 20.5 sacks then in hopes of getting something better.

But these days you afraid to let go of Spencer and his 11 sacks over the last two seasons? You would rather stick with the known of 11 sacks when the last time you choose to give up on the 20.5 sacks?

Can it be? Can it be that Anthony Spencer and his mediocrity are the reason you are afraid to jump this time? LMAO.

So let’s break this down. The last time the big decision about who would be going after QB’s on the opposite side of DeMarcus Ware came around you screwed it up so bad that now you are afraid of the go into the unknown which in fact keeps the screw up in place at $8 mil for another season.

The Cowboys stupidity has now forced them into cowardness in putting a football team together. This is how all the great dynasties in sports are built…NOT!

Anthony Spencer is the reason for keeping Anthony Spencer.

Jerry Jones…Will you marry me?


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3 Responses to You cut Ellis! You don’t resign Spencer!

  1. Glenn says:

    Posted earlier that after the draft budget, the team sits at about 13M in cap space. That’s without cutting or restructuring any deals. Using 8.8M of that for someone who leaves a lot to be desired isn’t a good thing. He seems pretty good against the rush, tied for the lead in forced fumbles, pretty good on tackles behind the line, but 8.8M when we need so much help on defense. This is product of failed drafts in 2008 and 2009. We don’t have guys ready to move up. Butler is pretty good in nickel but don’t know that he would hold up against the run. But instead of using 8,8M on Spencer, I’m good with Butler or Albright out there. We need to fill lots of holes, not enough cap room and not enough draft picks. Putting over half the cap space on Spencer, not in favor of it. FYI, I read the Skins have 47M in cap space on an ESPN link on your webpage?

  2. The Soothsayer says:

    I’m with you, Fanatic. It’s these stupid personnel decisions that drive you mad.

    Look. These Cowboys don’t have the personnel to even be competitive. And they keep signing losers to long term contracts?

    Thank you, Jerry Jones.

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