Little contact between Cowboys and Spencer

Anthony Spencer talked with about his future, read here.

In an otherwise slow week, the Cowboys’ acknowledgement that they are at least considering the franchise tag for outside linebacker Anthony Spencer constitutes big news.

It shouldn’t have come as a surprise, however. Yet even the subject of the story was caught a bit off guard.

“Actually, yeah, I heard about it for the first time yesterday,” Spencer said Wednesday. “I had to call my agent up and just see what all that really meant. People were texting me, calling me and asking about it, and I’m like ‘Uhhh’ … I do the football part on the field and they handle the other stuff.”

On the open market, Spencer is likely the most valuable of the Cowboys’ 13 unrestricted free agents. If the team designates him for the franchise tag between Feb. 20 and March 5, they would keep him from testing the waters for another year while guaranteeing him just over $8.8 million for the coming season.

Spencer said his preference is to remain with the Cowboys, but there has been little to no communication between the team and his agent, Roosevelt Barnes, since shortly after the Super Bowl. Until further notice, the five-year veteran is keeping his mind open to whatever the future might hold.

“I’m just waiting around, pretty much just waiting for something to happen,” Spencer said. “Of course I want the long-term security … I would want to have something done. But if it doesn’t happen, what can I do about it? I’m excited for the opportunity that I’m in right now, just to be a free agent, to have the Cowboys want me back and have the opportunity to be other places at the same time.”

He’s not worth $8.8 mil for next season. He’s not worth that much in any season. Playing in a ‘walk year’ you usually see guys motivated to earn a big contract so they have the best season of their career. Spencer had three sacks in the first three games and then only had three more in the last thirteen games. Not exactly wowing anyone into a big contract offer.

Wade Phillips. Some of the defensive players who came in under his watch really come off as being goofy minded. Spencer will never be confused as a genius. And he never comes off as a guy who loves the game of football.


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10 Responses to Little contact between Cowboys and Spencer

  1. Michael S says:

    Ya know, for years the team followed the conventional wisdom and it never got them anywhere. It seems every time a player came up for a new contract they had a phenomenal year then got the big bucks Jerry had to offer or be considered an idiot. Almost all never come close to being as good as they had been before. I never held that against Jerry. I don’t know what it is but something tells me Spencer is going to be better than ever during his second contract. Maybe its because he didn’t have one of those fool’s gold final years of his first contract. Maybe its because Brady James and Keith Brookings are probably not going to be there and he’ll feel a duty to set an example he never felt before. Who ever said he had to be offered top shelf money anyway? I hope we sign him to a contract that is fair for both the player and the team based on his performance. Its not as if he’s a total dog and who knows? Maybe we should feel lucky Spencer did not have a supreme year only for reasons alluded to in that Ryan did not have nearly as much stuff installed as he could in a full off season. Maybe that is why Spencer got 3 quick sacks before the rest of the league figured out his limited defense. I don’t really buy that myself. What I really think would get Spencer over the hump would be if instead of letting Spencer, walk forcing us to use a premium draft pick to chase the same thing we just let walk away, we use that premium pick to draft a very large man that is capable of pushing the pile like Vince Wilfork can. That would have the knock on effect of pushing Jay Ratliff outside so in effect your getting a two for one advantage. The very large man collapses the pocket up the middle, Ratliff keeps the O-line honest so they can’t double team anywhere and Spencer benefits by becoming the 4th in order of concerns for the other team instead of the 2nd. Just a wee bit longer time for the opposing QB to hold the ball due to better secondary players couldn’t hurt either. Here is one more thing to ponder. Be careful what you wish for. Just because you attempt to draft what on paper looks like an upgrade over Spencer there is no guarantee. You run the risk of drafting Bobby Carpenter or Larry English. Meanwhile watch someone like Bill Belicheck snatch up Spencer for a reasonable contract and turn him into a pro bowler. I think he’s too close to greatness to run the risk of having to endure that when there is many more much obvious places to improve. Hold your nose and resign him please. I hope this turns out to be prophetic.

  2. Glenn says:

    Wish I could agree. He’s an ok player for the most part. Should get more out of him with Ware on the other side, so I think his skills are limited. Disappears for whole games at a time and gets trapped to the inside too often.

  3. The Soothsayer says:

    At some point you have to question the scouting, the player development, and the general management. Or general mismanagement, as the case my be.

    I could care less about Anthony Spencer. I care about the team. If he isn’t part of it, dump him.

    • Anonymous says:

      it’s couldn’t care less, not could care less…you’re indicating that you actually do care by that statement..

      • The Soothsayer says:

        I could not care less is not the same as I could care less.

        I could care less means exactly what it says, I could care less. That means I don’t care.

        I could not care less mean exactly what it says, I could not care less. Well, if I could not care less, that would mean that I care, idiot.

        • Anonymous says:

          Actually, you’re wrong “Soothsayer”. “I could care less” would imply that you care, and could care less than you already do. “I couldn’t care less” means that you do not care at all, and it’s not possible to care less. No need for name calling.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I find it funny how everybody thinks there is a another Lamar Woodley type out there. Spencer is above average SOLB. He will get paid on the open market. He is not great. Who is going to replace? Victor Butler or Upshaw(Who is a Spencer clone)? Listen the key to the pass rush is DEs would can get pressure..Keep Spencer for one year and draft a guy who can take over the position next year.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Spencer is an average pass rush but look at the rest of SOLB in the league..

    Anthony Spencer vs other LOLBs in the NFL

    -1st in total tackles
    -1st (tied) in forced fumbles
    -1st (tied) in tackles for loss
    -2nd in quarterback hurries
    -5th (tied) in sacks

    Anthony Spencer has been ranked in PFF’s (OLB) Top 10 since he started in 2008… #6 in 2008, #3 in 2009, #9 in 2010 and #10 in 2011.

    Only four players had more than forced fumbles than Anthony Spencer (who had 4): Terrell Suggs, Cliff Avril, Quintin Mikell and Jabaal Sheard of Cleveland.

    Pass rushers don’t grow on trees..

    • Glenn says:

      Thanks for the stats and that makes it more perplexing for me. For me, I see all the near misses, be it a tackle or a sack. I look for impact plays and maybe I don’t credit him for the tackles for a loss or the forced fumbles. It’s been a bad few seasons on defense. Ware has 19 sacks and few impacted the game. Too often it seemed the opposition still got a 1st down after a sack, when you should get off the field with a negative play of 6 plus yards. Spencer doesn’t seem to make the defense any better and that to me is part of the problem. Is he worth 8M from our salary cap?

  6. Glenn says:

    After allowing for the draft budget, at the moment, we have about 13M left on our cap. That’s without any other moves to free up more money. Tendering him for 8.8M leaves little for other badly needed upgrades. FYI, the Redskins have 47M in cap space according to ESPN report. Real tough decision on Spencer.

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