Ian and Mosley with the latest on Routt and Spencer

Will either Stanford Routt and Anthony Spencer be a part of the Dallas Cowboys team in 2012?

If the Cowboys just see Routt as a very talented player who is just undisclipined then I really want them to try and sign him. This is the reason you pay good money for coaches.

Now flip that over to Anthony Spencer. I think he is what he is at this point in his career. I don’t see him getting any better under a new coach or in a new system. His play is very inconsistent. One week he’s being the guy we all want from the player opposite DeMarcus Ware in this defense. The next five weeks we forget he’s on the team.

To be honest though if the Cowboys don’t have either one of these guys on the team in 2012 the defense will not be devastated. But you can’t have an All Pro at every spot.


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2 Responses to Ian and Mosley with the latest on Routt and Spencer

  1. Glenn says:

    “To be honest though if the Cowboys don’t have either one of these guys on the team in 2012 the defense will not be devastated”. That is very true the defense won’t be devastated without them. It was pretty bad with Spencer, so how much worse can it get if he stayed or left? While you’re correct you can’t have an above average player at every position, we should have gotten one with that first round selection and we didn’t. Same with Marcus Spears. They are nice players, average at their best, below average when they disappear, like Spencer does for games at a time. We have to face facts that we don’t have pressure coming from the DL. We can’t push the pocket and it kills us. Some of the best statistical games for Vick & Eli this year came against us. Should we be surprised by this? With or without Spencer it makes very little difference and yes he’s probably decent against the run. What isn’t mentioned other than by Bryan Broaddus is that Spencer can get trapped or suckered to the middle on running plays or gets washed out on outside blitzes allowing QB’s or RB’s to step inside the gaping hole he leaves. Routt, sorry I’ve not watched him enough to say much other than Ryan had him and should know if he’s worth looking at or not.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Everybody loves San Fran defense and their SOLB had 7 sacks. Clay Matthews had 6 sacks this year. The problem is not A. Spencer. The problem is the DE. You need to get pressure from your DE. Move Rat and sign Jason Jones from Titans. Now, you have pressure from the line.

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