How difficult will the Free and Smith swap be for Cowboys?

About three quarters of the way thru the 2011 season most Cowboys fans had a hint that Tyron Smith and Doug Free were headed for a position swap this summer.

Free was not playing well enough as a Left Tackle for the Cowboys not to entertain the idea of putting Smith at this spot for the future because he was playing extremely well as a rookie.

Now we have to think about how difficult this move is for both players. We can get some insight from Michael Oher who made the switch while playing for the Ravens…

Michael Oher on Ben and Skin – Feb 13

The thing is that Smith was also a Right Tackle in college too. He’s never been a Left Tackle against good competition. Safe to say we are going to see him experience some growing pains. The hope is that he’s such a great athlete he can make the move and become a Pro Bowler for years to come.

A very good thing about this switch is that we have already seen Free play at a high level as a Right Tackle.


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