Evans and Davis have faith in Tony Romo

Heath Evans and Charles Davis do not agree with Ahmad Bradshaw…

When it happens I will believe in Romo as a championship caliber QB. The window for Romo to shut up all the haters has been open for a while now. For whatever reason he hasn’t been able to even close that window even just a little bit. Kinda seems like he’s just sitting there staring into space.

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2 Responses to Evans and Davis have faith in Tony Romo

  1. Glenn says:

    Have to admit that I was shocked when I heard Evans say this. But it should be obvious that when you have a QB that finished with 31 TD’s & only 10 INT’s, 4th in the league with a 102 rating that he’s doing his job at a very high level. It sadly tells you that in missing the playoffs with that kind of performance at QB, that there are serious problems on the roster. Some people want to point to the record in December and January but fail to realize that at that point of the season the depth of any roster is seriously challenged. Injuries hit every team, but can the next man up make plays and on this roster, we’ve seen that they can’t. The starters on defense can’t make impact plays and that’s the difference in crunch time. Romo had some ridiculous performance in the 1st Giants game and as we all know the team was up by 12 with 5 minutes to go. The defense folded like a chair. Those 5 minutes cost us a playoff spot and enabled the Giants to go on to a SB win.

  2. Good post Glenn… 100% agree.

    I’d also like to say in reference to the end of that video…

    If Jerruh goes out and gets Peyton Manning, I’m done with this team…. And I’e been a fan since 1974.

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