TMac and Ian talk Routt, Draft and Free Agency

Tim Macmahon filled in for a sick Randy Galloway today on GAC and he spoke everything Cowboys with Ian Fitzsimmons…

Routt is not worth any kind of big money or long term deal. But it is worth the effort in trying to sign him to a fair market deal. Just think about this. Over the last two seasons he has 6 INt’s and 28 passes defended. Scandrick and Jenkins have 4 INT’s and 30 passes defended.

I know all about the penalties and the TD’s allowed. Most of those TD’s are short yardage passes so he wasn’t getting torched up and down the field. Let’s not act like the Raiders have a ferocious pass rush here.

The penalties. I am looking into those as we speak.

I wish I was more impressed with Courtney Upshaw as a pass rusher. Then I would say he was definitely the choice at #14, but he’s not a guy who ‘bends’ the corner at all. His game is more about power and want to more than anything else. And we all love his mean streak.

There are no signs the Cowboys sign a high priced Free Agent CB so the draft and one veteran are the likelt route taken in shoring up that position.

If you guys missed me and Raf on DCFanatic Radio the other other night listen to it right now on the right hand corner player. We touched on all these guys.


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One Response to TMac and Ian talk Routt, Draft and Free Agency

  1. Anonymous says:

    The guy gave up eight touchdowns a couple of them were deep. I saw that when they played the chargers on nfl network. I don’t care how you give them up. When you give up eight that’s to much and he committed 17 penalties. He probably stopped at least a couple more touchdowns with all those penalties. About courtney upshaw I agree with you he doesn’t impress me with his pass rush he reminds me of spencer. Melvin ingram is a better rusher but he doesn’t impress me either. Whitley mercellis from what I have heard is a one year wonder so that has me concerned. I think we need to at least take a look at mario williams. He might want to go back to a 43 defense but we need to try.

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