Ahmad Bradshaw says Romo can’t win a Super Bowl

Ahmad Bradshaw took some time from fumbling and dating Angelina from the Jersey Shore to talk about Tony Romo and the Cowboys…

He fumbled in the NFC Chamionship game. He fumbled in the Super Bowl and luckily Chris Snee bailed him out by jumping on the loose ball. Then he scored a TD when he should have just fallen down at the one yard line in the Super Bowl.

This jackass did everything he could to stop them from winning a Super Bowl, lol.

And now he’s either dating Angelina from The Jersey Shore…

Or he’s macking some 6 at a club in NY…

This dude is a mess these days, lol.


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5 Responses to Ahmad Bradshaw says Romo can’t win a Super Bowl

  1. Troy Saul says:

    Why is Ahmad Bradshaw on television when the dude can’t even talk? Doesn’t he have a liquor store to rob or do some other stupid offseason incident so that he can spend some quality time back in someone’s jail again? Please.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Giants are so lucky its ridiculous. Asante drops a pick handed to him. Eli throws up a duck twice against the 49ers twice and the 49ers run into each other. If miles and tony complete that pass they don’t make the playoffs. If wes welker catches that pass game over. Victor cruz fumbles NE gets the ball but no 12 men on the field. Its crazy.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I wish just one person on this team, JUST ONE, would take stuff like this personally and make it a goal to shut that team up next year. I’ve had enough with the nice guys everyone in Dallas seems to want to keep flooding this team with. Give me some mean, tough guys, even if they aren’t going to church every Sunday.

  4. Glenn says:

    You got that right! Guys like Bradshaw and Jacobs keep flapping their gums and we haven’t shut them up. Very sad, but we don’t have guys particularly on defense with any fight in them. No one wants to tackle let alone light someone up. Bradshaw thought out his answer and just left a little more doubt out there. The question from that little twerp Siciliano was could Romo & the Cowboys win? Not could the Cowboys win a SB, it was specifically to raise doubts on Romo. If only the other 52 guys could play as well at their position as Romo does at his. Let’s concede that Romo is one of the best 10 QB’s in the league. Let’s have everyone else be as efficient as the top 10, even top 20 at their positions and this team could be greatly improved!

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