Romo and his wife talk about playing for another team

Here’s the worst nightmare for some of you Cowboys fans…

So Romo has had discussions with his wife about the possibility of playing in another city if he gets traded. Very interesting.

Romo needs to let his wife know that hanging out with the Kardashians is a horrible idea. One radio interview and now I know Tony Romo was sitting around his house, possibly after the Lions game, talking about the Cowboys maybe not being happy with him and wanting to trade him.

I hate the freaking Kardashians.


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12 Responses to Romo and his wife talk about playing for another team

  1. The Soothsayer says:

    I don’t get what it is with these sports wives. I really don’t, or actually I do.

    80% of football players are dead broke within two years of leaving the league. Usually, it’s because of divorce and/or child support. T.O. is so broke he’s now playing in the Indoor Football League.

    This is the thing. As long as he’s contantly working out and practicing or playing, she doesn’t have to put up with him. But once he’s retired or cut, she has to put up with him 24/7/365. So she divorces him, takes half the money and runs.

    To my mind, there is no reason for any man to get married in today’s culture. Do legal terms like community funds, community property, sweat equity, presumptive paternity, no fault divorce mean anything to you? It’s a license for abandonment, betrayal and bankruptcy!

    I sincerely Tony and his wife are happy together. They’re certainly more happy now than Tom Brady and his wife.

    By the way, have you seen this? Bradying has replaced Tebowing as the next viral story.

  2. lostar2009 says:

    Whoa !!!

  3. Glenn says:

    It only makes sense that they’ve discussed it. There will come a time when he may be released or traded, just the way the NFL is. Natural that they would discuss it when trying to plan where to live, schools for the baby, etc. As good as I believe him to be, he’s not beyond being traded to a team in need of a QB for a few high draft choices. They have to plan or at least discuss the reality of their lives and be a little prepared. I’ve never liked the make up of NFL contracts. It’s binding on the player but not the team. They can be cut or released at any time, granted with a few punitive hits to the cap, but it’s done all the time. Unlike baseball, you sign a 7 year deal and it doesn’t matter if you ever suit up again. No out for the teams! Football, get injured and your deal may force your release after rehab. If this team has another mediocre season it’s very possible that they will be looking to churn the roster starting with the core players and get some picks for Romo & Ware. If the team can’t improve sufficiently next year to provide hope to JJ, he may opt for value for his only players with 1st round (plus) trade value. Not that I want to see that happen with either player, but we have to be realistic that it’s been discussed at Valley Ranch.

    • Maybe. But he’s the franchise QB and has two years left on his contract.

      • Glenn says:

        I hope they extend him yet again! We’ve had 5 franchise capable QB’s in a little over 50 years, not easy to come by them. Meredith, Staubach, White, Aikman & now Romo. Not interested in waiting 10-15 years to see another. May not see another one as good as Romo in my lifetime. 50 years a fan, so I value the great one’s we’ve had. We don’t think that’s a lot of good QB’s for one team, but then again some teams have only had 2-3 really good QB’s in their entire franchise history. Not easy to come by the top tier of QB’s.

  4. joe cates says:

    where did you hear that candice and tony discussed playing for another team if traded, etc… I listened to the interview, but nothing was said about the discussion of possibly being traded.

    • Glenn says:

      It was a bit weird, but because I played it in the background it eventually come to a spot after a few commercials and it was a direct question that KK asked and Candice responded. Nothing special, they discussed it could happen in today’s NFL and that was about it. Nothing more, nothing less and not much of anything. Candice if you remember got to know the other sister, Kim, when she and Miles were hooking up.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I know what you mean about the Kardashians, but I think Khloe is different than the man-magnet, relationship-hopping sister, Kim. She moved to Dallas with her man – unlike Kim who flat out told her husband that there was no way she would move with him.
    I actually enjoyed the whole interview. I think Candice is a classy NFL wife. I liked hearing how they feel after a loss, how she views the media and what she thinks when she sees Romo out there on the field playing as QB for America’s Team. I thought it was interesting. There is a link on Dallas Channel 33 website to listen to the whole interview.
    I’ve never seen Candice do an interview. I’ve always wondered about how Romo feels about the game once he leaves the field. She gave a little insight on that.
    I like Candice. I think Tony did well marrying her.

  6. fajohns says:

    How can you listen to that voice long enough to care what they are talking about.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Harmless and in a way very honest of Tony and Candice to have such a discussion BECAUSE of her career in broadcast journalism. Its funny how many of us try to live our lives through these athletes and in reading your blog – you have a huge man crush on the Dallas Cowboys. I read your quote about how you would not get drunk after a loss in the Super Bowl (like Gronk) and then proceeded to bash him for “disrespecting” his team. Seriously?? But I admire your tenacity to find good content on Dallas Cowboys and respect your opinion.

  8. Glenn says:

    For one, I like seeing these clips only because when I see a sensationalized “headline” which is misleading, I can hear for myself and if foolish, brush it off. FYI, I love any clip that has Broaddus on this site. I wait each day to get the “Film Don’t Lie” type input from Broaddus. GAC, he’s an old coot who is funny to listen to and his rambling thoughts. We as fans can only see what they show on TV, but the film shows the play, routes, coverages, etc. I take Broaddus over any “writer”. Didn’t like the Schaap reference because I knew his father, the “Dick” working at MSG, Yankee & Shea stadiums. Pick any expletive you want for that guy and I’m sure the shoe fits.

    Outside of that, all good questions or points to be discussed On Spencer, Smith & Carter. Three very important topics!

  9. CJ says:

    Romo will probably be here until he suffers some major injury that prevents him from playing football again. Jerry will not trade Romo because he refuses to groom good young qb’s behind Romo and I don’t mean projects like Stephen Mcgee either. Jerry’s philosophy of keep bringing in old Veteran Qb’s to be Tony’s backup will keep Romo on this roster for a long long time. I would love for Garrett to have two young qb’s behind Romo that can actually throw the football down field instead of hitting the checkdown receiver and running every play like Mcgee does.

    Bringing in Brad Johnson kept us from keeping a guy like Matt Moore who would’ve been a good backup for us and maybe you could’ve traded to a team for a draft pick kinda like Matt Cassell did for New England. It’s time to start looking down the road because Romo is getting older and he’s also been getting hurt and banged up and we still don’t have a qb for the future yet. Like Jerry said Romo was a miracle I don’t want to go down that road again with the next qb.

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