Murray not a fan of Gronkowski’s post Super Bowl actions

DeMarco Murray not a fan of Gronkowski’s post Super Bowl actions…

I know there were some Patriots players who were devastated by that loss and could no way go out and party the same night after losing that game.

That’s my crowd. The pain I would be in from that loss would not allow me to do any sort of celebrating. I would also not want to disrespect my fellow teammates either. There is going to be plenty of time in the coming months for Gronk to go get drunk.


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7 Responses to Murray not a fan of Gronkowski’s post Super Bowl actions

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just because DeMarco and you would not, that doesn’t Gronk can’t. Play deal with lose in their own way. It’s no disrespect to have a good time at team sponsored party. No different than you have some drinks after a bad day at the office. Football is his job not his life. Dude, there is so much going on this world than winning and losing a game. When it’s over; it’s over for some people.

  2. waus says:

    Nice racist comment by Jalen Rose on Mike And Mike this morning. He called Gronk, “A white boy wasted.”

    Wonder what would happen if Chris Mullin had called a black player, “A black boy blitzed.”

    All hell would break loose.

    But, it’s the double standard that exists in this society that will always prevail.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Although the first comment could have been articulated a little better, I completely agree with them… Just because it’s not the way YOU would have done it, does not make it “wrong”. Everyone deals with things in their own way… perhaps Gronkowski and Light would rather start immediately getting the loss and pain out of their minds via a party, than marinating in the misery of the loss.

  4. lostar2009 says:

    Who cares??? This isnt dallas releated only the fact Demarrco express his mind on the subject.

    Gronk is the pats work horse he can do what in the hell he wish as long hes in NFL and Pats rules and guidelines.

  5. Anonymous says:

    So Gronk disrespecting his teammates by having a NFL record season for TE? He got shot up to play in the Super Bowl. Gronk’s season was OVER when that video was taken. There was no game the next week. There was no tape that needed to be urgently studied. The man came within a few inches of catching the winning Hail Mary.

    Disrespecting your teammates is not knowing where to line up, being out shape and telling your teammate how he should deal with a season ending loss hours after the game.

  6. lostar2009 says:

    If Demarcco really care about this kinds stuff he should havr told Dez no to party on New Years eve the nighy before the Giants game.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Since I’m not a Pats fan, I don’t really care. But, like Jesse Holley said on Ben & Skin this morning, if it had been Tony Romo, all hell would break loose. Gronk is a beast at TE. I feel like if he had been healthy, it might have been NE hoisting the Lombardi instead of the damn Giants. Hate that team.

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