Tony Romo blew an opportunity yesterday

For a few days leading up the Super Bowl we got messages from the Starter Brand Twitter feed that their star front man Tony Romo would be live tweeting during the Super Bowl. Makes sense. He’s the face of the brand and it’s the biggest football event of the season.

So your casual fan can read and hopefully write back to Tony Romo during the Super Bowl using their Twitter feed. If you are a 12-15 year old kid who loves Tony Romo you were probably hyped up to be involved in this and made sure your smart phone was fully charged.

Here’s what those fans got in the four hours from start to finish…

So that was the feed (starting with last to first top to bottom) from when the Super Bowl began until about 30 minutes after the game.

Wack. Six tweets in four hours? lol. And I doubt many people were writing back to the feed in hopes of ‘talking’ with him during the game. Did they forget what the concept was here that makes Twitter so popular? You get to interact with your favorite Superstar athletes.

Starter tricked you into following them and now you know some people will leave them on the ‘follow’ list and get the ad messages. Business is business.

At the very least he could have thrown up one thought during each drive. That would have been 17 tweets during the game. That’s not asking too much.

Instead you got someone reminding Romo to throw out some generalization Tweet to let the fans know he wasn’t sleeping during the game.

A lot of Cowboys fans think Romo has become so jaded from the criticism that he’s now a completely different person from the guy we all fell in love with during that 10 game stretch back in 2006.

Stuff like this makes me think that is exactly the truth. He doesn’t care to hear from the fans and could care less about interacting with the fans in fear of someone throwing out a criticism about what he’s done in the last five seasons.

And this seems to be the resounding theme for a lot of players on the Cowboys. This is the ‘odor’ of the Dallas Cowboys right now. Every time a fan goes to talk the Owner, the coach or one of the players these guys look to act in defense or run from the scene.

There is very little positive thinking going on with this organization right now. For every one great idea we come across there are three that bring us back to that dark cloud which hangs over the Cowboys.

Sucks. I hate it. Something has to change. I was ok with blowing up this team and going to find a new young QB to start with even though I understand Romo is not the problem.

Romo is a great player. But he’s just not a winner. I really wish he was people. If I could change the last few years I would do all in my power to do just that.

Maybe some of the changes that are coming in the next few months will change my thought process, but don’t hold your breath on that one.


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15 Responses to Tony Romo blew an opportunity yesterday

  1. Anonymous says:

    DC, that article is part of the problem. Everything about Cowboys nation is ZOMG WE RULE. ZOMG WE SUCK. CUT EVERYONE.

    Maybe, just maybe we should chill out a bit. Let the team grow. Let Dez grow. if he never does, they don’t have to renew his contract. Let Tony try to prove himself. Let Garrett and Ryan have a full offseason at least before we declare that they will never win anything.

    The team improved last year. Let’s see if they improve again. There’s only so long that you can have an entire city overreacting to every little thing you do (hat being on backwards for example or accidentally dropping money at the mall) before you just decide to withdraw.

    Maybe if we, as Cowboys fans, could relax and just give the team some space and time to grow, maybe it would take some of the dark cloud away from the team.

    • Let Romo try to prove himself? lol. He’s been a starter for six seasons now.

      Let Dez grow? lol. This was his second year in the same offense and he still doesn’t know the playbook. Robinson knew the playbook in three weeks.

      Garrett has been in Dallas since 2007, lol. How is going from 5-3 to 8-8 under Garrett an improvement?

      Stop looking for excuses.

      And did Tony Romo say the Cowboys were going to play in a Super Bowl at some point? Yes. Did Dez Bryant say halfway thru the season that the Cowboys were unbeatable? Should we even get into all the comments from Rob Ryan this season?

      If you talk then people are going to expect you to back up the stuff you are yapping about.

      Instead of backing up the talk they finish 1-4 to finish the season.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m not looking for excuses. What I’m saying is that the team started 1-7 and had a lot of older, over paid, underperforming players. The Cowboys were able to cut a lot of the dead weight, get younger, and improve record wise. Now let’s see what they do this offseason.

    They aren’t as talented as the Giants or Eagles. They were not going to the superbowl this season. However, the team is getting a lot younger. they are rebuilding on the fly. I’m just saying that there is a HUGE negative cloud in the fanbase. Towards the end of the year, Romo was looking to Dez at the end of games when he needed a big catch. He was getting better.

    That’s not to say be overly optimistic. This team has a LOT of holes that need to be filled and a lot of players that need to go. They need more toughness. But next year if Brady, Brooking, Newman, Ball, Elam, Costa and Spencer are gone and replaced with younger, cheaper, hungrier players, let’s see how it pans out, but more importantly, let’s give them a chance to put it all together.

    I understand you’re disappointed. We all are. But the team is in much better shape than it was two years ago.

    • Bro. They were 7-4 and leading the NFC East. Did they lose 12 players at that point? No. They got into crunch time and yet again they wilted like a flower. I’m tired of it.

      What is going to be on your mind next season when they are 7-4? Same nucleus of players and coaches in place that have been flopping for years now.

      If I expected different results from this group I could be considered insane by some doctors, lol.

  3. You lost me at ‘how many 12 year olds are on Twitter?’ lol. Probably 5 million.

    Man crush? I have been killing him all season.

    Please wake up before commenting here.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is a non issue to me. Everything a cowboy does gets blown up. I hate how people continue to try to make this athletes role models. If he doesn’t want to he does have to. Before the season DC you said this team would be 8-8 and thats what they were. They started off 1-7 with overpaid and underperforming players. They do have holes and alot of them. Stop with all this doom and gloom crap. Its getting old fast. This is a process and if you can’t take it don’t follow them. Dez grew in this season but yoi will never give him credit. Even bryan broaddus said every week dez looked more comfortable and did alot better getting off the jam. If he doesn’t became what people think than ok. I argued with you about sean lee before the season. You don’t have patience. You didn’t think sean lee could be anything because in training camp keith brooking was starting. The same core of players are goijg to be gone.

    • Nonsense. I said they would go 10-6 and win the division.

      And they were on schedule until they fell apart.

      Six years this team has been talented enough to make a run.

      Nothing. Give me a break with the I don’t have patience horseshit.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I hate how Dc acts like these players aren’t human. Like they can’t care about the media. Their in their face just about everyday. The cowboys aren’t the only players either. The players just want to play they don’t really care what you and any othet fan thinks. They just don’t feel like answering questions everyday. And stop acting like the players in the 90s didn’t do far worss. They called on the medias own radio show to curse them out. Charles haley, mike irvin, troy aikman wants to fight skip bayless, deion sanders threw water on a reporter. Trust there is more you didn’t hear about. Michael irvin did cocaine across the street from the practice facility. Michael irvin so much more than dez has done and he was way older. You accepted it because we won superbowls. I don’t want to here how the situation is different either

    • Dummy. When the White House came the Super Bowl were no more. Read some books.

      • Anonymous says:

        He was doing it before than idiot. Listen to his radio show. He talks about it all the time. He got caught after the superbowl. He talks about how he got into fights in the club and would call some of his boys from miami to help him fight. He didn’t know at the time but those people where real killers. Deion sanders even said he couldn’t hang with irvin because he was to wild. Deion was just an act and irvin was real.

  6. Anonymous says:

    You’re too close to the fire and can’t tell the difference. I’ve stepped back and feel better about Romo being the QB. No one can argue that he is not a top 10 QB, stats back it up. We all want the Cowboys to go all the way, but starting over at QB is stupid. In the words of Parcells, “he is what he is” and that means 2nd best in the NFC East and just outside the top 6 teams in the NFC. A better defense will push us closer. A better off season for Romo will push him closer. I still think Eli will be the better QB until Romo gets on fire and stays that way. I’ve see Romo play as well (at times) we need it on a more consistent basis.

    Bottom line, we are not that bad of a team – just need to shore up some areas and have an INCREDIBLE OFF SEASON with Wocik (sp?).

  7. Anonymous says:

    OK, someone who can hang with logic answer me this:

    Why is it that many fans pass summary judgement on a player or team about their future? Prime example is, “He will NEVER win it all?” Emphasis on the word never. When I hear this, I immediately think that this person is illogical. Fact is, nobody even knows what will happen in the next 5 minutes, let alone the next 3-4 years.

    Another thought runs through my head, that many fans have a sophomoric knowledge of the professional football. I have yet to meet a legit, current, coach or scout say something that close without qualifying it such as, “if he keeps doing this…” or “he needs to work on this..”

    Is it frustration? How many prognosticators picked the NY Giants at the beginning of the season? How many so called experts “converted” after Tebow kept winning?

    Enjoy the game, stop trying to live it… my 2 cents.

  8. CJ says:

    I have to agree with DC on this, When Romo stated that “if losing a football game is the worse thing that can happen to me then I lived a pretty good life” I knew he didn’t have the heart to be the leader of this team. Demarcus Ware talks about how he hides from the media and even has Victor Butler doing the same thing. Jay Ratliff tries to fight Calvin Watkinsin the locker room and tries to stare down and intimidate the media when he doesn’t want to ask certain questions. T- New acts like a jackass because he has a few good games earlier in the season then he gets exposed and gets lit up every game after that and he doesn’t understand why the media and fans get on him.

    These guys are supposed to be your leaders and you wonder why this team fades at the end of the season every year. No leadership at the top of the roster. Warren Sapp was right when he said Ware can’t lead ants to a picnic. I’m not giving anyone a pass on this team anymore, so what Ware had 19.5 sacks he still didn’t have the impact that JPP had for the Giants especially in the 4th qrt. Romo is a great fantasy qb, but when we need the big play from him to seal a game I don’t think he can do it.

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