DeMarco Murray at Super Bowl XLVI

Here’s DeMarco Murray talking Cowboys at Super Bowl XLVI with Charles Davis…

It’s probably not talked about enough, but the Cowboys not having him in the last few weeks of the season was a huge loss.


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4 Responses to DeMarco Murray at Super Bowl XLVI

  1. Anonymous says:

    did anybody notice that demrco murray and dez bryant hurt their ankles around the same time in their rookie year and seemed to be walking around not wearing boots earlier than usually. I have to give it up to our training staff they know how to get people healthy

  2. Glenn says:

    Or that both broke their ankles against the Giants. As soon as we lost Murray, I knew that our pursuit of a playoff spot was in dire trouble. That tackle by spastic Tollefson was his biggest of the year in ending Murray’s season. Ruined the balance on offense that we finally were achieving.

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