Irvin and Hennings having a great conversation

Great conversation with former teammates Michael Irvin and Chad Hennings…

Hennings was never really a Superstar, but he was part of that second group of really good players who came up with a play in every game. A great team has guys like Hennings at a few different spots.

That’s the problem with the Cowboys current second tier guys. They make a play once every 6 weeks. When Abe Elam finally makes a play it will be his first one.

Here’s Irvin and Willie McGinest on preparing for a Super Bowl…

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One Response to Irvin and Hennings having a great conversation

  1. DaBoogityMan says:

    I was a Hennings fan — There were several Landry products on those early 90’s Super Bowl teams that Jimmy Johnson takes credit for. Hennings was one of them. Nate Newton, Irvin, Norton, Bates, Gogan, Tuinei, Jim Jeffcoat, Kelvin Martin…even the punter, Saxon.
    Chad Hennings! Smart player — you cant fly an A-10 if you are an idiot! Hennings wasnt just a trained pilot either — the dude flew combat missions! Hats off to Capt. Hennings!

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