Michael Irvin was just being a nice guy

You may have heard about these comments from Michael Irvin concerning Dez Bryant already, read here.

“I thought Dez made great strides this year on the football field,” said Irvin, who stressed Bryant must continue to work on his craft and conditioning. “He has a lot of room to continue to grow, but he made great strides.

“When Dez really locks it all in, understands it, Dez will be the best receiver in the NFL.”

When Dez Bryant is away from the Cowboys he isn’t focused 100% on his career as an NFL football player. And he’s never going to be called a student of the game.

Let me make a comparison and tell you why you need at least one of those things to be part of your game if you ever want to be the ‘best in the game’ at any one time.

Randy Moss. Jerry Rice. Think about all of the things you know about these two players.

Moss was not a guy who was going to stay in Minnesota all offseason to make sure he was thinking football 24/7 when he was one of the best in the game. but throughout his career all the coaches and QB’s he played with all said he was a student of the game when he was locked in during the season. You combine that with his physical attributes and you get the magic he brought to the game.

Rice was a tireless worker 365 days a year. There are videos of him running hills in the offseason with other teammates who would show up for a day or two and then have to go away because it was too difficult in trying to keep up with him. I don’t ever see Dez being that guy once the season ends for him.

Michael Irvin. Was he ever the best in the game at any one time. No. He had two really great seasons, but he played at a time when Jerry Rice was also in his prime. Irvin will tell you that himself.

And don’t give me numbers to argue because this game is never just about numbers.

Dez Bryant has an opportunity to be a great NFL WR. Maybe even a Hall Of Fame WR if he can grow up and become a professional. But his makeup isn’t that of the ‘Best in the Game’ type of player and I doubt that changes within next eight years.


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5 Responses to Michael Irvin was just being a nice guy

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, have’nt checked out this site in a while, but it’s still pretty obvious to me that you don’t get any pussy. Maybe it’s because you like to bang dudes, who knows. One thing is clear, though, based on all the bullshit that comes out of your brain and ends up on this blog, there’s no doubt that you must have a small penis. Sorry bro. At any rate, hopefully you get murdered for whatever you have in your wallet the next time you’re pumping gas. You deserve to go out that way:)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dez have not had one off-season not one. Dude, enough the Dez bashing.. Next year will define his career..Let the season play out

    • cowboyfan45 says:

      not one offseason, Dez has had two, suspended by the NCAA, had a whole season to prepare for the NFL job interview, drafted by the cowboys and shows up late for the first meeting and out of shape, now does that sound like a guy that’s prepared for his job and define his career..For two years now, Dez still doesn’t know the playbook, how does one take two years to know a plabook…..

      Has lots of time to spend money he doesn’t have getting himself into debt and sued numerous times but can’t take the time to know the playbook….Jerry Rice worked his butt off in the offseason to be ready for the NFL season but I guess Dez needs a someone to be on his butt to get him to undertand that…two days before the game against the Giants, winner gets into the playoffs, loser goes home, Dez is at a club at 2 am, again does that sound like a guy that has his priorities in the right place…..Dez has been skating on his talent and clearly not willing to do the work and what it takes to become a professional football player on and off the field…

      • Anonymous says:

        Dez has had technically 1 off season wich was his rookie year there wasn’t one this year. He put together a decent season this year. Dc did u reali bring up randy moss ?? Please dint tell me you forgot all the off the field drama randy got Into. He ran a female cross gaurd over 4 god sakes … But on that note dez is young kid who wants to enjoy that he is leaving out his dream you can’t hate him because he is not who you want him to be … Stop the hate dude

  3. The Soothsayer says:

    Absolutely. What made Michael Irvin great is that he practiced harder than anyone. He would run routes until he threw up, and that’s a fact. He was the motivator in the locker room. He had his problems off the field, but on the field he always showed up.

    Dez Bryant has yet to show up. Like I said earlier, talent will only take you so far. It takes heart and will to win a football game. Dez does not have that.

    It’s so obvious. He’s just another pampered player in Jerry’s culture of complancency.

    Irvin was drafted by Landry. He got to to spend a year studying game film with him. And don’t think that doesn’t mean a lot.

    Bryant was drafted by Garrett. And so far, he’s been nothing but a dissapointment.

    What does that say? It says that coaching matters. it says that Jason Garrett does not know how to get the best out of his players. And that says everything.

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