DeMarcus Ware: Talent is nothing if you cant bring it all together

Is it me or do all of the NFL teams go through this same ol’ story every offseason about how the team was talented enough to compete for a championship, but they just could not find a way to put it together on Sunday?

The problem now is that the story is beyond stale. Pretty much the same group of ‘high level’ players have been going out on the field every Sunday for this team over the last four or five seasons and they have accomplished nothing.

I surely don’t have the solution and we all have to wonder if the Cowboys do either.


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One Response to DeMarcus Ware: Talent is nothing if you cant bring it all together

  1. Glenn says:

    I’m saying it countless times now, but we have too many average to below average players particularly on defense. WHich in turn tells you that your back ups are generally speaking below average. A small problem that I see too is that we don’t give some of those back ups, game reps. Beyond situational, put them in give them some plays, let them get comfortable on the field in a game. I know that Costa wasn’t great this year, but how much did he improve by playing 16 games. We’re being quick to want to replace him, but did we toss away 16 games of experience? I don’t know, just asking. How was Nagy grading out before the injury? Was he getting better? Smith was a little shaky at times, but improved over the course of the year. Have to expect some growing pains. But do these players have upside with a full training camp and Woicik’s Academy?

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