Collinsworth: No other NFL teams have ‘better talent’ than Cowboys

Like a lot of people out there Chris Collinsworth thinks the Cowboys have enough talent on the roster to compete for a championship. Here he is on with KTTB AM Radio in Indy…

So he doesn’t think there are any other NFL teams with ‘better talent’ than the Cowboys. Something about wearing that blue star makes people think some of these players are better than they actually are and it’s beyond annoying at this point.

You have to blame Jerry Jones. He keeps handing out extensions to guys like Orlando Scandrick and Gerald Sensabaugh so the National media have to think those two must be decent players or why else would they be earning these big pay days.

So frustrating. Hurts my brain.

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12 Responses to Collinsworth: No other NFL teams have ‘better talent’ than Cowboys

  1. Tony Romo… Felix Jones… Demarco Murray… Jason Witten… Martellus Bennett… Miles Austin… Dez Bryant… Laurent Robinson.

    What offense in the NFL has more talent/skill players on the offensive side of the ball?

    19.8 PPG In the Final 6 Games of the Season with this talent is unacceptable and mediocre as is our head coach whom our offense reflects. Jason Garrett has been here and has had the opportunity to make this offense into a Juggernaut like the Saints, Patriots, Packers but instead he is in over his head, predictable, doesn’t understand balance, as evidence by 5 Rushing TDs this season. His “total yards” stat is highly overrated because they do not equate to points, but rather 5th most penalties on offense in the NFL, and practically 2nd in the NFL in Field Goals Made. Our WR run to many dead end routes, only when the play breaks down and Romo has to improvise does our Offense excel far greater then Garrett schemes.

    • cowboyfan45 says:

      what talent???

      Felix Jones, a first round change of pace back that’s often injured…

      Demarcus Murray came into the league injured, played a half dozen games and was injured again, closer to Hambrick and Julius Jones than an Emmitt Smith, not enough to evaluate what he is.

      Marterllus Bennett is no talent, he’s a spare and a wasted second round pick, a BUST!!!

      Miles Austin, a decent receiver, over paid for what you get in return…one good year and has been more injured than on the field, constant hamstring and nagging injures.

      Dez Bryant, two years in the league, still doesn’t know how to run a route, even when he actually knows what the play is, more of a constant headache off the field..and my prediction, he’ll only get worse off the field..

      Laurant Robinson had a good year no doubt, but he’s a free agent and if I were him, I’d go somewhere else, St Louis would be a great place for him with Bradford in place..

      so I think you are way over evaluating the talent on offence, I’ll give you Witten and Romo, but that’s about it, the others are good players but often injured or flash in the pan players because the body of work isn’t there…Bennett is no talent, he’s a complete BUST!!

  2. lostar2009 says:

    Look at how many proobowlers we usually have a year at least 5-8..

    This year only two..

    Other than that you think geesh a team with all that talent must be talented.. Then you throw out 3 legit wrs, demarrco, a HOF TE on offense with a media magnet Romo..
    On Defense a HOF olb, a all pro NT 2 probowler( ex pro.bowl) cbs… I mean like foreal why isnt things getting done down here in Dallas???

  3. The Soothsayer says:

    Talent will only take you so far. Winning a football game, especially a championship, requires heart and will. Give me average with heart over talent with ego, and I’ll beat you every Sunday.

    Discipline also is important. But the Cowboys haven’t been a disciplined team for a long time, since 1996. That’s when Johnson’s players abandoned ship. That’s when players started showing up to training camp overweight and out of shape, with a lackluster attitude, and nothing was done about it.

    Fading in the fourth quarter, failing in December, even when they made the playoffs they were one and done. This has been going on for at least 15 years.

    Jerry Jones is an idiot. He thinks that paying players a lot of money motivates them to win. No, it does not. Back in the day, players would say about Tex Schramm, “He knows that we would play football for nothing, so that’s what he pays us.” Yet, they won playoff games and championships. Because they had heart and will. And good coaching.

    Think about it. Jerry signs a free agent or a draft pick or extends a contract, pays them a lot of money, as soon as that happens they fail to perform. How often has that happened?

    The Dallas Cowboys are two games below .500 since 1996. The highest paid roster and coaching staff went 8-8 last year. Does anyone else see a pattern developing?

    Money can’t buy you love. It can’t buy you a championship either.

  4. DaBoogityMan says:

    There was a defensive back that played back in the day that once said of Drew Pearson: “Im more talented than he is, Im faster than he is, Im bigger than he is, Im stronger than he is, I make more money than he does, Im even prettier than he is — yet he beats me nearly everytime I line up against him!” Drew’s heart was what made him good — not his latent physical attributes.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’m trying to figure out what collinsworth is looking at. He did like four of our games this year and we lost them all. All the talent is on offense. The defense has a handful of players that’s it. Our special teams is good at times but make crucial mistakes at big moments. Blocked punt against the jets, and giving up big yardage on returns. Our oline is below average. The only olineman I’m comfortable with is tyron smith a 20year old rookie. Doug free better play better next year and kyle kosier I just don’t know. The dline is solid but don’t do anything special. Anthony spencer is an average player at best. The secondary is atrocious, terrible, disrespectful, unreliable, unbelievable, sorry and just plain old fashion bad. The eagles and the giants have more talent than us. So tell me collinsworth were do you see all this talent. Just because he wears a star doesn’t mean he is one. I’m tired of people saying we are so talented. This isn’t 2007 when we had 13 pro bowlers. People keep going off that year. Its 4 years later.

  6. Glenn says:

    Everyone has a good point in all this. Yes, we have some very nice players. For me, on offense, the above average players, the special players are Romo, Witten, Miles, Dez, Smith and probably Murray. On defense, it’s Ware & Lee. Tired of hearing Pro Bowl for Ratliff, he works hard and makes a few plays but can’t apply pressure. Those are the above average players. Throw in 1 maybe 2 of other folk’s list, but that’s it. Pretty weak for a 53 man roster. We have too many holes where we have average to below average starters. The depth in backup positions is definitely below average at most every position. Robinson was an above average #3 WR. I love our guys, but they aren’t that strong 1-53. Collingsworth points out that we were 0-4 against the Giants & Eagles. Sexy Rexy almost whipped us twice. Lack of a pass rush and an O line that struggled at times with opposing rushes & twists. Sure I wanted us to make the play offs but how were we going to win when both trenches are not strong enough. Look how much better the Giants secondary got when JPP got going and Osi & Tuck returned healthy from injury. Their secondary was horrible until then. Sorry but we don’t have elite talent. As noted in the first reply, only 5 rushing TD’s this year was part of the difficulty of putting up points to win games. People want to blame Romo for example in the Jets game but if we could have run it in from the 1 yard line, following Witten’s long run, game over! But that’s a major weakness of this team.

  7. Jose says:

    Sometimes when you want to see someone/team you don’t like fail, use flattery:
    “Oh yeah Jerry, your a great GM, your just one player away from winning it all. Don’t listen to those people who say your not a good GM, what do they know, they’re poor ! You keep on drafting ‘projects’ in the 2nd and 3rd and 4th rounds. That 2009 draft, hell that was the best walk thru team in the NFL that year. Don’t worry about drafting starters, you can always sign someone else’s free agents. You keep on drafting backups and projects (2009), don’t listen to those nay sayers. What do they know, they’re poor ! You got Cowboys Stadium built ! The Jones Mahal they call it. The Taj Mahal (another tomb) of NFL stadiums. And that interview on the NFL Network at the Senior Bowl, sheer brilliance ! So what if Einstein could make sense of what you said, what did he know, he was poor !”
    This is all hypothetical smoke up Jerry’s @$$, but I got to wonder how many GM’s and owners haven’t figured this one out.

  8. I have no idea what Collinsworth is thinking. If he’s talking offense then fine, maybe.

    Defense is a totally different story. I wonder if he watched the same team we did all season.

    • DaBoogityMan says:

      I agree — Outside of Ware, Lee & Rat — everyone on the defensive side of the ball should be thankful that we dont have enough draft picks to fill thier spots or enough cap room to replace all of them via free agency!

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