How bad do the Cowboys need to resign Robinson?

Tony Romo and Laurent Robinson became best friends on the field in a hurry last season. Every time it seemed like Romo needed to find a guy after he was scrambling on a third down or a goalline situation he found Robinson wide open for a big play. That rhythm they had together was something Romo could never find with Roy Williams in his time in Dallas.

So it’s obvious the Cowboys would really like to resign Laurent Robinson.

And I think if you look at his big numbers from last season it’s going to cost them some money that any team usually doesn’t pay a ‘3rd WR’.

Robinson’s agent spoke recently, go here.

But Robinson might be a highly-sought after receiver from several teams in need of a quick receiver with good hands.

“I would hope so,” Robinson’s agent Harold Lewis said Tuesday morning. “He’s got the age, height, speed and people can see what he can do.”

Robinson has made a point that he wants to return to Dallas and the feeling is mutual.

The Cowboys currently have $12.5 million under the salary cap and that number will increase with the restructuring of several contracts and the releasing of several players. If the Cowboys release veteran cornerback Terence Newman, the team could save as much at $4 million.

Putting up his numbers would get his some publicity. But putting up his numbers as a member of the Dallas Cowboys earned him 6,000 interviews last season. So in essence the Cowboys being who they are helped him gain major attention that helps him in Free Agency and hurts them in trying to resign him.

This is my stance on him. If he was also a punt or kick returner I could see the Cowboys giving him a big deal that could compete with other teams telling him he would be a starter as their #2 WR. But he isn’t and I think the Cowboys know a lot of their freed up money has to go to other areas in Free Agency. Right now I say it’s 50/50 whether or not he comes back to the Cowboys.


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One Response to How bad do the Cowboys need to resign Robinson?

  1. Glenn says:

    Yeah, I’d love to have him back too, but it’s going to be dicey. The big question is who will offer him big money? A lot of his success was on the Romo on the run plays, scrambling and rerouting by the receivers. Laurent & Romo were in sync big time with those. Good success on regular routes, but I do recall him running a sloppy route that the CB stepped in front of in the Lions game and returned for a pick six. He was a big help in a year when Miles was rarely healthy and Dez battled that deep thing bruise. Money talks and BS walks, so we’ll see how it plays out.

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