Peyton Manning won’t be on the Cowboys

The discussion is fine, but Peyton Manning is too old for Jerry Jones to chase after.

Here’s GAC talking about the idea of bringing in Peyton Manning…

GAC on Manning to Dallas – Jan 27

I f he was 30 this would be a possibility because even in Manning came to the Cowboys it would take some time for him to settle in and for them to put together an offense structured around him. He does not have the time left in his career for Jerry to be intrigued with the idea.


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4 Responses to Peyton Manning won’t be on the Cowboys

  1. Sorry…. I would rather have Romo… Simple as that…
    Our problems aren’t the frikkin” offense, it’s the damn defense…

  2. REALLY? 19.8 PPG in the Final 6 Games of the Season isn’t the “firkin offense” Fault? 5th Highest Penalized Offense in the NFL isn’t the “frikkin offense” Fault?

  3. daninms says:

    Yeah, like Manning is the fix it all answer for this team. Crappy coaching. a meddling owner, and a poorus o-line would just magically go away.

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