Ware says injuries were part of problem for Cowboys Defense

Ware says injuries were part of problem for Cowboys Defense…

Honesty. It really bugged me when Ware starts immediately agreeing with Faulk by saying “yes, yes” when he talked about the Cowboys being known as a team full of talent.

Keith Brooking was right. Last week he said he felt people were over rating the Cowboys defensive talent. Ware is the only player on this defense who can be thought of as a guy who you know will have a very productive season when August comes around. Sean Lee may be one of those guys in time. Jay Ratliff may have peaked already. No one in the secondary is consistent and all of them wind up on the injury report at some point during the season.

Now to the injury excuse. Pretty sure Barry Church was the only guy who missed time over the last five weeks. Newman? Whatever. So tired of the excuses for Newman every year. Just tired in general of the excuses for the miscommunication from this group of defenders. If they paid more attention during the meeetings and took extra time doing film study on the opposing offenses formation there would be less confusion.

The bottom line is that this defensive machine needs a lot of new parts.



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