Werder talks with GAC about Jerry Jones

Ed Werder has been around the Cowboys for a very long time and he’s got a good vibe on Jerry Jones at times…

Ed Werder on GAC – Jan 25

That’s a very soft defense. Sean Lee is a stud, but he’s not ever going to be able to take over a game like Ware should be able to do at times.

It’s still January. I have no faith in Jerry Jones and anything he says or does right now. Give it time though and most of us will be back on board with the Cowboys being able to compete for the NFC title in 2012.


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One Response to Werder talks with GAC about Jerry Jones

  1. Anonymous says:

    Galloway made me laugh out loud when he said, “T.O. is broke and has no friends. Well, I guess not since you stabbed them all in the damn back!”. Hilarious.
    I’m seeing a lot of Cowboys fans that hate both Manning and Brady. I for one, hopes Brady and his crew beat the trash talking Giants. I can’t stand Eli. This is a guy that preemptively refused to play for certain teams that might have wanted to draft him? What a punk. What a nightmare that this jerk is in the Super Bowl. But, Brady and the Patriots didn’t look very good against the Ravens. If they don’t step their game up, I don’t see how they will win.

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