Jerry Jones was yapping it up at the Senior Bowl

He talked for 25 minutes and I won’t lie and say I made all 25 minutes. Any man that can do that loves punishment, lol.

Jerry seems to love him some Eli Manning these days…

I get the Eli love and I also think Jerry was praising Romo in there too. Right now Eli is at another level though. He comes thru when it’s crunch time and in the big games.

I still go back to the Giants game on New Years day with Romo. His team was down 21-0 nothing at halftime. He didn’t do a good enough job when it mattered and they had to try and come back from that huge deficit. If he had just kept them in the game at the beginning then maybe we have a different outcome.

Jerry wants Garrett and Ryan to make some adjustments…

Can we get some games where we saw that the coaching staff made a difference and that is the reason the Cowboys won the game.

Jerry pretty much says goodbye to Terence Newman…

See ya later Terence.

Jerry would like the Cowboys defense to play like the Ravens defense…

Sounds good to me. The Ravens are in the playoffs every year and their defense is always tough no matter who they face.

Jerry kinda admits they had some young linemen playing who sucked…

Phil Costa is not a starter. David Arkin can’t even get any criticism because he never played and Bill Nagy was ok in his limited time but I doubt he’s a starter in the future.

Jerry talks about Anthony Spencer…

Don’t bring him back. He’s not the worst player, but he’s not someone who can provide a consistent pass rush from his OLB spot.


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12 Responses to Jerry Jones was yapping it up at the Senior Bowl

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love your site. Great videos all the time. However I completely disagree with your frequent Romo bashing. If you listen to what Jerry says he clearly states Romo was playing at a championship level and the rest of the team was not. Are d sucks!!! Give up 12 points with 5 min to go against Eli at home… The D is the problem. Thank you Jesus for Romo otherwise the cowboys would be 3 – 13 every year.

    • Jericho Slim says:

      I agree.

      Eli played a good game, but let’s look at the crunch time – the second half of yesterday’s game. The giants scored on a 29 yard drive after a muffed punt. And they drove the ball 11 yards in overtime to score after a muffed punt.

      Eli threw two balls that should have been intercepted – one was so bad that two niners players ran into each other because they both were in perfect position to pick it off.

      I’m not trying to denigrate eli – he is a pro bowl quarterback. But when any quarterback gets pressured a lot, they don’t play well. Plain and simple.

      • Glenn says:

        Good to see we both watched the same game. Their D was excellent and it became obvious that SF will be drafting WR’s!

  2. dante says:

    Love your site as well. But Romo was injured on his throwing hand, it was wet and rainy, that is the time the team has to pick help him out. What did the defense do, nothing. D-ware did not even show up till the game was way out of hand and even he just appeared for a quick moment. Romo is the only reason we got on the board, not to mention he was running for his life and at times preforming miracles getting away from pressure all game, He was sacked like 6 times in that game and was hit almost on every play. His receivers/running backs kept dropping balls so they did not help him at all. Him overthrowing Bryant to start the game looked more like his throwing hand was bothering him.. But that loss I don’t blame on him, I blame on the Defense and young O-line. Nice site though. Take care though.

    • Glenn says:

      I had told my buddy that if the Giants won there game to sit Romo against the Eagles. No way did I want to risk injury to the position that could bail out our season. When I saw he got blasted on that first drive, I was ticked royally. Red J didn’t make the contingency plan! Guy amazes me ……

  3. Jericho Slim says:

    DC, let me ask you three questions:
    1) Who has better receivers – the cowboys or the giants? The Giants do. I”m sure you agree with this, especially with your feelings for Dez Bryant.

    2) Who has a better offensive line? I’m sure you’ll agree that the giants do, especially since we started the season with 3 players that were starting their first NFL game.

    3) Who has a better defense? It’s obvious that the giants do, especially with the way they’ve turned it on at the end of the season into the playoffs.

    So, if you have 2 quarterbacks and one has a better o-line, receivers, and defense, who do you think is going to have better results?

    Do you think that TJ Yates is a better quarterback than Romo because he got into the playoffs and won a playoff game this year?

    Is Tim Tebow a better quarterback than Romo because he got into the playoffs and beat the steelers?

    Are Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson better quarterbacks than Dan Marino?

    It’s a team game. Quarterback is an important part, but it’s not the only part.

    Again, I love the site, but I disagree with you on Romo.

  4. Jericho Slim says:

    One more question.
    4) Who had better running backs – the starting running backs for that last game was: felix jones and sammy morris vs.ahmad bradshaw and brandon jacobs. Need I say more?

    • Now take all of those things you talked about and relate it to Tom Brady.

      And where is he and where is Romo?

      Need I say more.

      • Glenn says:

        I get your point DC, but Brady has an O line and 2 monster TE’s. He also has Belicheck and he’s worth points in every game. Brady’s had a better OC for years, all 4-5 of them. They go for the jugular every game, no holding back. They have a better system and that O line can pass block and run block. They don’t rip off yards but get what they need on the ground. Defensively, they didn’t look bad the other day. Notice how the Pat’s seem to put guy after guy out there and they all make a play at some point in a game. They are one of those teams whose players get turnovers. We only get turnovers in a blow out or two and against really poor teams.

      • Jericho Slim says:

        I thought we were talking about Eli? But we can get into Tom Brady as well.

        I’m not saying that Romo is as good as Brady, but I can EASILY prove to you that Brady wouldn’t have ever won the Superbowl with the Cowboys.

        The Cowboys best chance at a Superbowl with Romo was 2007, when they were 13-3. Remember, they lost at home to the Giants, when TO wasn’t 100% and Patrick Crayton dropped the touchdown pass.

        Well, Brady played the same exact Giants team and lost in the Superbowl. And guess what? Brady had far better talent offensively and defensively than Romo did that year. Randy Moss, Welker, Bruschi, Seymour, Wilfork, Asante Samuel.

        So if Brady couldn’t beat the Giants with an undefeated Patriots team, how could he have beaten them with an inferior Cowboys squad?

        People are too quick to put everything on the quarterback, but it’s a team game.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Other than Lamar Woodley, who is better pass rusher from the OLB position than Spencer? I keep hearing about replacing Spencer but nobody other than the Steelers have 2 OLB that can rush the passer on consistent basis. I’m not saying Spencer is a great player; I think he is a good, solid player that may not be easy to replace. I would re-sign him to a 1 year deal and draft Upshaw

    • Glenn says:

      I don’t see a scenario where he takes a one year deal. This is his opportunity to cash in. For an OLB he’s a solid average player and will get a deal that may shock us. Problem for us is how many average players do we have? How many play makers do we have on defense? Lots of needs, not enough draft picks to fill them all. I just hear Spagnola regarding Upshaw and it seems his real height, doesn’t fit the position too well. Need to look into the tape more to see if he really is a fit? I’m open to anyone who can help us get after Manning & Vick! We came within a few plays of losing all 6 NFC East games, all because our D can’t stop many QB’s. Heck we made Grossman look good!

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