Pearson says Ratliff needs to move to DE

Drew Pearson says Ratliff needs to move to DE…

The list of people still supporting Jay Ratliff stay at NT keeps shrinking ans I bet it has a lot to do with his less than spectacular 2011 season.


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5 Responses to Pearson says Ratliff needs to move to DE

  1. The Soothsayer says:

    I voted yes. But then I really don’t like the 3-4. Since it’s a “quarterback’s game” and a “passing league,” what you need is pressure up front.

    You get that with four down defensive linemen. Pressure doesn’t come from the outside; quarterbacks can sense that. No, pressure comes from the inside, right in the quarterback’s face.

  2. Glenn says:

    What gets me is that Ratliff doesn’t apply much, if any pressure up the middle. Frankly, he’s easily taken out too often with double teams. So too, he’s supposed to occupy blockers and allow the ILB to make the plays. I wasn’t happy to see the new contract for a player who really hasn’t played well for 3 years now. Forget these Pro Bowl selections, I don’t see that in performance and I like the guy! Even Randy White, when doubled and tripled would still make plays! It was nice to reward a hard nosed, hard working player, but he’s on the decline. He should be moved outside to see if he has any effect out there. Shame is he’s one of our better players but rarely can make plays as they work to take him out of a play. When you only have 2 or 3 impact players on defense, they can do that and take their chances with the “JAGS” on the team.

  3. DaBoogityMan says:

    I have to respectfully disagree with my good friend The Soothsayer. If we are talking about getting to & hitting the QB — pressure overwhelmingly comes from the outside. History & the current sack leader stats support that notion. The highest ranking DT on the board is at #33 — the rest are all OLBs or DEs (or a ‘tweener”). Even the all time leaderboard is dominated by OLBs & DEs — Reggie White, Bruce Smith, Lawrence Taylor, Richard Dent. Even the Godfather of the QB Killers was a DE — Deacon Jones.
    Granted, Im not considering the fact that stunts & loops sometimes allow an End get pressure up the gut, but opposite occurs as well. Randy White was the king of getting outside on a swap or a cross-rush from the tackle position — but from 82 (when SACKs became a stat) to 88 (Whites last year) — Too Tall had more sacks at DE.

  4. DaBoogityMan says:

    Uhhhhh — Forget what I posted earlier — Damn, Vince Wilfork! LMAO

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