Cowboys still need a pass rushing DE

The talk right now is how do the Cowboys go get an OLB to help DeMarcus Ware get after the QB and I get that talk. But this team still desperately needs a DE who can get after the QB as well…

There should be some guys in this draft the Cowboys should look into drafting within the first five rounds.

And here’s a Free Agent I think could provide big dividends for the Cowboys defense because he’s so versatile…

He would be a great fit on the early downs as a DE and then you can do numerous things with him on 3rd down. His size and athleticism would allow him to flourish in any type of NFL defense and I would love to see what Roy Ryan can devise with him and Ware on the field together.


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3 Responses to Cowboys still need a pass rushing DE

  1. Glenn says:

    Now you’re just messing with us, teasing, toying with your buds! Mario Williams would or should be a phenomenal fit. Unfortunately likely to stay with the Texans, but who knows, money talks! But that’s kind of impact player we need. Pick your poison with him on the field.

    I want impact players, guys who can make the big play more than once a year. FYI, we need at least 2 DE’s, a NT up front an an OLB (if they let Spencer go), safety and 2 CB’s. Maybe Rat can move to DE, he’s too undersized at NT and frankly of little value to me at NT, rare push up the middle. Mario? Wow, that would be a great start to getting some pressure up front. We got killed in division. People don’t realize that in our division we gave Vick his 2 highest QB ratings of the year, made an all Pro of Eli and made Rex look good. We need pressure on these guys to win in our own division. They tore us up this year and if not for 1 miracle play by Romo & Dez in the first game against the Skins and similar closing plays in the 2nd game, we could have easily lost all 6 division games. Gotta bring some serious heat! The Giants are where they are because of their front four. Eli’s doing great, but they wouldn’t be where they are if not for 4 guys up front. They don’t have to use blitz packages, simple twists is all they need! When you fill out the needs for defense, put in the job application, “hitters only”.

  2. Anonymous says:

    No way, Mario Williams can never stay healthy and takes more plays off then Spencer. I live in Houston and everybody questions his love on the game.

    I would much rather the DT from Miami and put Ratliff at DE.

  3. anonymous says:

    lay off the drugs if you think the Texans let Williams walk…

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