Dez still in Miami dropping Franklins – Literally, lol.

Twitter. Everything on there is public information. The tweets and the photos are all open to the public. Just open an account and the fun begins!

Dez had a little incident in Miami the other night. We all know about it.

Since Dez didn’t come out smelling like a rose from that incident you would probably think he would want to get back to Dallas and lay low for a few days.

Even his off and on mentor David Wells told him the following…Read here.

David Wells, a mentor to Bryant, has tried to warn him about his behavior.

Wells, who confirmed that there was an incident in Miami, has communicated with Bryant since.

“I told him to bring his ass back to Dallas,” Wells said.

He didn’t listen. That’s no shocker.

If you believe the following it will tell you Dez is still in Miami and he’s still shopping at the mall looking for sneakers to buy.

These are two guys who live in Miami, Eddie and  Denton, tweeting back and forth to each other last night…

Twitter is always fun.

Pretty sure Eddie works at the Champs store…

We know Dez loves sneakers. And Eddie works in sneakers. Simple math. Dez went to get some sneakers and dropped $100.00 by accident and Eddie had his day made.

I hate losing money! Hate it! Do you guys think Dez even knew he was missing the loot? lol. He’s not all that good with his finances and that’s pretty much why Jerry Jones hired a company to handle his finances.

Since all of Eddie’s pictures are open to the public I figured I would check around and see if we could figure out where Dez Bryant’s money might be going.

Eddie loves sneakers, but it seems like he loves something else as well…

Eddie looks happy!

So this story is all fun and games so far, but let’s get to the heart of this matter.

I still can’t believe the Packers lost to the Giants!


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8 Responses to Dez still in Miami dropping Franklins – Literally, lol.

  1. Anonymous says:

    DC. Really man. So Dez accidentally dropped money on the ground while shopping. Is he not allowed to shop now either? You had a really good blog, but your hate – and seriously, at this point, it’s clear to everyone that you HATE, personally HATE Dez Bryant, you’re making yourself look really silly.

    And somehow trying to subliminally tie Dez to weed?

    Do you sit around all day googling Dez? Do you scan twitter every day? What does it say about your life that you literally have nothing else better to do that scan google and twitter 24 hours a day to dig up info on Dez.

    If Dez goes to a club, we’ll all know because you will definitely put it on the first page. If he goes on a date, we’ll know. Apparently if he drops money without knowing it, we’ll know too. This obsession is not healthy.

    • And the next time I blog about Dez screwing up you will take the time out of your day to reply to my blog post and tell me how you think I should leave him alone.


      What does this say about your life?

      I’m a blogger. You are just a visitor to the blog dummy.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ok, since you like calling people “dummy” let me help you out a little bit. Even Bloggers should use the proper syntax when composing.

        1, Never start a sentence with a conjunction. So eliminate the “And.”
        2. Commas, use them.
        3. You used the conjunction “and” which should only be used to join to equal phrases.
        4. Your last sentence reads as though I was a visitor to a blog named Dummy.

        Your rant should read as follows.

        “The next time I blog about Dez screwing up, you will take time out of your day to reply to my blog post, and to tell me I should leave him alone.


        What does this say about your life?

        I’m a blogger. You are just a visitor to the blog, Dummy.”

        Avec Beaucoup Regarde,


  2. dc fanatic wishes Dez was Dead says:

    Dre Kirkpatrick just got popped on a POT CHARGE and you think Dez has got problems…

    • LMAO. Now I wish Dez was dead. LMAO.

      His fanatics really make him look bad. There are so few are not complete morons.

      But I guess that fits because only a moron would run to defense at this point saying he’s not an idiot.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Dude, I thought your blog was about the Cowboys.. What moves can we make this off-season to get better? What about draft picks? Coaching staff changes? I don’t care about Dez losing a 100 bucks!!! How the Cowboys were last team to put up 30 plus on the G-men..

    Let TMZ handle Dez in Miami…

    • If I put up a story about Dez visiting some kids at the hospital you would be commenting that people never talk about all the great things Dez does, lol.

      You guys are so transparent. I see the ip addresses. You have tried to post as anonymous for three days. Trying to put up 12 comments and make the visitors seem like there are more of you, lol.

      Just admit that Dez could shit in your Cheerios and you would still eat them. Then tell everyone you wanted him to do that.

      You should be a fanatic of Sean Lee or DeMarco Murray. Wake up.

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