Which famous rapper was Dez fighting with in Miami?

Update: Was this heckler a part of a famous rapper’s crew? Read here. 

We have now learned exclusively that the altercation took place because a fan for lack of a better term was heckling Bryant about the Cowboys lack of success on the football and Bryant’s debts that he hasn’t paid off.

Bryant who we were told had a few drinks in his system (which he is allowed to, he is a grown man) attempted to let it go, but eventually had enough and the altercation ensued.

Wasn’t anything too serious as security and Bryant’s entourage quickly broke it up.

So he’s now going to beat up everyone who throws out some criticism about him and the Cowboys? lol. Son, you would be fighing nonstop for the rest of your life.

This little story about Dez Bryant being detained in Miami is getting more interesting now, read here.

Club LIV is one of the most popular nightclubs in Miami Beach, where the rich and famous go to party.

And that’s where Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant was hanging out on Sunday night. He tweeted he was at the club earlier in the evening.

News 8 spoke with Dez Bryant’s mentor, David Wells, who confirmed that Bryant got involved in a verbal altercation with some members of a famous rapper’s entourage and had to be detained by police.

Bryant was not arrested, Wells said, adding that he has spoken to Bryant about the incident.

So now we get to research and try to figure out who the rapper was that now has beef with Dez and his crew.

Well I know who performed at Club Liv last night…


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8 Responses to Which famous rapper was Dez fighting with in Miami?

  1. waus says:

    Dez has a genetic abnormality that will never be rectified. I don’t care how talented he is or could be.

    He’s a liability.

  2. Anonymous says:

    who cares post about football

  3. In that 2010 NFL Draft Looks Like Belichick out smarted Jerry Jones/Organiztion allowing Cowboys to trade up with NE to pick Dez (15 TD), while Belichick drafted Devin McCourty (9 INT) & Rob Gronkowski (27 TD)… But hey, We did draft (6 INT) Sean Lee that year, and We still have Jason Witten who in 2011 produced (5 TD) vs Rob Gronkowski who had (17 TD) in 2011.

    • waus says:

      Nice post. Why is it that I’m not shocked that JJ was outsmarted by Belichick.

      In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if an amoeba outwitted Jones.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Maybe if more Cowboys had some fight in them, they would still be playing. If someone heckled Brandon Jacobs or Justin Tuck like that after a late season collapse, I’m sure there would be some unpleasantries sent back. But this is Dallas, better to sit back and not care nut “keep your nose clean” than to actually care and have some fight.

    This team is soft and everybody in the league knows it. Give me some guys that don’t take any shit from anyone any day.

  5. Glenn says:

    My biggest concern with Dez is that he changed agents to Drew Rosenhaus. That tells me he is looking to redo his rookie contract sooner than later. When the Boys were ready to draft Dez they told his agent, Eugene Parker, that he better not look to redo his contract a year or 2 later. He didn’t go top 10 and they weren’t giving him a top 10 deal. For Rosenhaus to collect his fees it has to be a new deal. He doesn’t make any money on the deal Parker arranged and Dez is signed thru 2014! So look for a holdout this year or next as the bigger problem for us with Dez. Makes signing Robinson more a need than a luxury.

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