Everson Walls talks ‘The Catch’ on DFW Sportsbeat

Everson Walls talks about ‘The Catch’ on DFW Sportsbeat…

That game was probably the first time I felt the real pain a tough loss could be for me as it took me weeks to stop reliving it over again and again in my mind as the days passed. I was only 9 years old at this time of this game.

The Cowboys had already lost the previous NFC Championship game to the Eagles the season before. At around 8 is when I began following the Cowboys as my favorite team. I learned all I could about their history and was very ready for them to play in the Super Bowl. The loss to the Eagles was not nearly as devastating because the game wasn’t close when the 4th quarter began and there really wasn’t any drama to the game.

But this 49ers game was as dramatic as could be. The 49ers had come out of nowhere that season. Earlier that year the Cowboys were 4-1 as they headed into a road game with the Joe Montana led 49ers. When I found out the 49ers had won by a final score of 45-14 I was in shock just like the rest of the NFL world.

The mighty Dallas Cowboys were never trounced like that by anyone. The Cowboys other three loses that season were all by a FG. So this rematch in the NFC Championship game was all about revenge and showing the world who was the boss so to say.

Devastating ending to a very good game…


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6 Responses to Everson Walls talks ‘The Catch’ on DFW Sportsbeat

  1. Jericho Slim says:

    I was nine years old too. I cried for like a week. I ripped down all of my cowboy posters and took all my paraphernalia out of my room – even my tom landry comic book – and put them in the basement of my house for the whole offseason.

    I grew up in south jersey near philly, and for some reason this loss hurt worse than the eagles loss.

    That loss and the loss in candlestick in ’94 were the 2 biggest losses during my life as a cowboy fan.

  2. The Soothsayer says:

    I remember that game. It was the beginning of the end.

    That announcer is exactly right. Joe Montana was throwing that ball away, but Dwight Clark, curse his name forever, made a jump and caught the game-winning touchdown. The Cowboys were not the same after that. The 49ers were ascendent.

    I’ve been to San Francisco, and it sucks. But this game, this one play, changed their world.

  3. I remember that game, vividly, and cried, as well. I was 10.

    What bothers me more now than anything is that it has been so many years since a SB win that other teams are creeping and passing us for total trophies.

    Now we REALLY have no leverage when it comes to rings anymore since the Steelers took number 6 a few bowls ago and NOW the 49er’s can creep by us… Sad… Sad…

  4. ECG3 says:

    I was 14 at the time and I can remember this play like it happened yesterday. Me and three other buddies of mine were watching this game together. Three of us were pulling strongly for the Cowboys and one was a 9ers fan. This play catapulted the 49ers into prominence and the Boys in a downward spiral in terms of losing big games in the 80s. I’ve hated the 49ers ever since but I hate the giants just the same so I have a decision to make next wkend when they play.

  5. fajohns says:

    i remember that game to well but like always history lies. The catch should be known as the tackle. After Dwight Clark catch the ball the Cowboys were driving down the field. Danny hit Drew with a pass across the middle he was breaking away for sure touchdown but the cornerback tackled him with one finger on his collar. That’s the play that won the game for the 9ners. then the Danny white mistake at the end also helped the 9ners. Sad day and the start of a lost decade

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