Would the Rams want Dez Bryant in a trade?

Here’s Cowboys Legend Gil Brandt talking draft with Smoaky and company on ESPN 1660 am radio last week…

Gil Brandt – Part 1

Gil Brandt – Part 2

That Rams #2 pick is very interesting. Jeff Fischer has his QB in Bradford and he would love to turn that pick into three or four picks to help build a young team.

They could stay there and take a guy like CB Morris Claiborne, DT Devon Still or WR Justin Blackmon. But they are far from getting one stud player and talking about the playoffs.

Here we go with some crazy draft trade talk.

Would you offer the Rams some kind of deal which involved Dez Bryant to get that #2 spot to take either Claiborne or CB Dre Kirkpatrick?

The Cowboys could make sure this isn’t a crazy idea if they lock up Laurent Robinson to a nice Free Agent deal in March. Then they could get another WR in the later rounds. Having Miles and Laurent as the top two WR’s was already a reality at times for the Cowboys in 2011.

Not sure if the Rams would even want Dez because of the baggage, but they do need a young WR to pair up with Bradford. They get one and also add more picks to their draft.

Cost? They would need to swap 1st’s and Dez plus another later pick I think. And don’t be naive and say Dez is all they have to offer. With his history and the negative pub he brings there are some teams who would not even entertain him in any offer.



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9 Responses to Would the Rams want Dez Bryant in a trade?

  1. Anonymous says:

    DC, why do you not like Dez? From you twitter feeds and blog posts, it always seems like your taking shots at him. It could from what he says, or retweets about him being at the mall or club, to skirmishes on the field, whatever it is, you seem to point out the negative.

    The dude needs work and to mature but we don’t have to be so quick in giving up on him. You take away one of our WRs and we get thin at that position. All 3 of the guys have injury issues so we can’t afford to rely on 2.

    • The Rams need a #1 WR. The Cowboys need a Superstar CB for Rob Ryan’s defense to work to a championship level.

      Miles Austin’s contract is too high and the Rams would not take him.

      Laurent Robinson had a nice year, but the Rams had him and his potential is nothing close to that of Dez.

      Name abother player on the Cowboys that has trade value. Now tell me what position can lose a player and still function at a high level.

      Dez’s contract is peanuts. The Rams have a need. They have the #2 pick in the draft.

      Are you a fan of the Dallas Cowboys or Dez Bryant? Which comes first for you?

      It’s simple math. Add it up.

      • voice of reason says:

        In what drug induced fantasy are the Rams giving up the 2nd pick in the draft for your favourite whipping Boy Dez Bryant who you despise… Lets review the Rams situation 1st. franchise QB in Bradford New head coach they will get to pick the best player in College football not named Luck but instead they give it all up to the Cowboys for Dez and 14.. That makes sense I could sell that in St Louis DELUSIONAL…
        As far as the Boys are concerned Dez had better #s across the board (minus TDS of 81 )than the other two and as much as your hatred of Dez Miles Austins last pro bowl appearance was with 69 catches 1041 yds 7tds Dez this yr 63catches 928yds 9tds… So you will give up on that a position of strength make it weaker cuz the cowboys can just draft another receiver ala Olgeltree Manny Johnson to offset Dez numbers yeah that works and who says Miles can stay Healthy and B return to what he was 2 yrs ago and Laurent Robinson had a nice yr a CONTRACT YEAR don’t fall in love and over pay … Here is an idea stay at 14 take the best guy on the board whether its Kirkpatrick,Upshaw,Decastro etc repeat process in the following rounds fill out your needs on the o-line in FA… Were not a player away or two this team needs to be rebuilt it has no depth to begin win let the process play itself out Enough with the KNEE JERK REACTIONS

  2. Anonymous says:

    If Dez is as terrible a person and football player as you have been saying all year, why would the Rams want him at any cost? It would take DeMarco Murray to get that second pick. Stop dreaming.

    • voice of reason says:

      AGREED Dcfanatic wants him gone so bad harps on about his money problems going out late the day before games wearing his pants low not understanding where to line up etc etc but then thinks the Rams would give up the 2nd pick in the draft and a flip for 14 for him and all of his issues… Seriously DcFanatic you can’t have it both ways…

  3. dee says:

    We don’t need to trade any of our good players. Keep them together. We get rid of any of our receivers we are going to have another need at receiver. Everyone wants that hershel walker trade. That doesn’t happen anymore. Its just stupid. Dez is good and he could be great next season and miles is damn near elite when heathly. Robinson is good. We finally get three studs at receiver and you want to trade one of them. Just stupid. Defenses put most of there attention on dez and miles, robinson goes to work. We finally have people that make plays. Add to the oline. Get younger and smarter on defense. It takes receivers three years to really be great. Dez did improve towards the end of the year.

  4. The Soothsayer says:

    I’d trade Dez in a heartbeat, but then I never would have drafted him in the first place.

    The Cowboys have do depth. They are way too thin at too many positions–offensive line, defensive line, linebacker, safety, cornerback, quarterback, running back. I’d trade them all–Bryant, Witten, Ware, Ratliff, Romo–I would trade them all and accumulate draft picks, then build a real team.

    What have these guys accomplished, one playoff win? Oh, they set some team records, but stats are for losers.

    Of course, any team who traded for one of these guys would have to take on his overpriced contract, and that is not going to happen. Jerry Jones is too stupid by half. He set this whole thing up, and now there’s no way out of it.

  5. Kako says:

    I honestly wanted a offensive linemen when they draft Dez. In this upcoming draft I know the secondary blows but I’d rather Dallas get two really good pass rushers this off season. They need a real pass rush to cover up the secondary. They can still find a corner in free agency or the draft. My things Dallas should get would be offensive line and the front seven of the defense. But back to Dez here’s the thing he’s not a smart football player. Dallas needs to start getting more intelligent players in the draft from here on out instead of just pure talent.

  6. ME says:

    I just think it’s ridiculous how some Cowboy fans allow the stupid media to dictate how they feel about this kid. Just say.. a trade like that really happened and next season he torched our ass when we played the rams, then what??…… You’d be blaiming jj and staff for allowing the trade to go down. Just saying…

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