ESPNDallas: Football Show talks Houck, Free Agency, Robinson

The Football Show with Bryan Broaddus and Tim MacMahon of ESPNDallas talks Cowboys earlier today…

This show was awesome all season and I expect it will be awesome as we head to the draft.

I want Grimes. He’s a guy who comes in and immediately starts as a man to man CB in Rob Ryan’s defense.

Don’t think the Saints are going to let Nicks get away. They know they are Super Bowl contenders as long as Brees is slinging the rock all over the place.

Pay Robinson fair value and give me incentive bonuses that will keep him motivated. But give him a crazy deal like he’s a #1 WR.

Houck says they didn’t talk about switching Tackles yet, but they should be doing this ASAP.

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11 Responses to ESPNDallas: Football Show talks Houck, Free Agency, Robinson

  1. Jericho Slim says:

    did you see brees tonight? he gets pressured and throws 2 picks. romo had more pressure in the giants game. contrary to your belief, no quarterback can cover up his teams flaws and will them to victory. it’s a team effort, and if the team gets better around romo then a super bowl victory is possible. no quarterback could lead the 2011 cowboys to the super bowl. period. with the o-line, only rodgers would have a chance to lead us to the playoffs. brees or brady wouldn’t make it through the season.

    by the way – love the site. and the new look is cool. thanks! this is a great resource for cowboys fans.

  2. dee says:

    I want finnegan. He is a nasty player on the field but very go person off the field. Grimes is good but I rather have finnegan. He tackles better and he gets involved in the run game. Finnegan held receivers under 2 and 25 yards eight times last season. For safety I want michael griffen, dashon gholston, or tyvon branch. The safety class in the draft is weak

  3. Jericho Slim says:

    finnegan is no.1. brandon carr is no. 2. he’s stilll young and his arrow is pointing up. grimes is 29 – too old in my opinion.

  4. dee says:

    Grimes is 29 damn. I thought is was in his fourth or fifth year. He is on the decline side of his career. Brandon carr am not to sure. He always guarded the number two receiver while brandon flowers got the number one. The afc west doesn’t have the receiver talent that nfc east has. You never want to sign a number two top money to be your number one corner. That’s just my opinion. Am not saying carr isn’t good. I think mike jenkins is a number one corner. He got better at tackling as well. So am not against bringing carr in but I rather have a guy who is use to playing against the number one receiver.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Grimes is too short and is not durable…

  6. Jericho Slim says:

    dc – sorry to beat a dead horse. but aaron rodgers lost tonight. he had 2 bad overthrows and lost a fumble. he lost to the giants at home in the playoffs – so he must not be good enough to win a superbowl either, just like romo.

    • He has already proven he can win the Super Bowl.


      No one can convince me to change my mind on Romo. I gave him six seasons to get the job done. And he’s a great QB, but until he actually delivers a Super Bowl I can’t believe he can get the job done anymore.

      Doesn’t mean I hate him or don’t think he can win games. I just fear that when the critical moments are coming I will have doubt he’s going to play well enough to win the game.

      • Jericho Slim says:

        i hear you – but he’s not the issue. the team hasn’t been good enough – no quarterback would have taken any of those cowboy teams to the superbowl. rodgers and brees were playing quarterback this year as well as any two players have EVER played the game – yet they couldn’t overcome the deficiencies of a weak defense and bad offensive line play. that’s my point.

        it’s like having a car with three flat tires and one good one, and you keep on blaming the good one.

        but everyone’s entitled to their opinion. i respect yours, but i hope you can see where i’m coming from too.

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