The Score with Babe Laufenberg

Babe Laufenberg on The Score talking Cowboys…

I love Tony Romo as a QB. He makes plenty enough plays to give him team a chance to win games.

But when is he going to make so many plays that it’s impossible for his team to lose?

In the most important game of the season how many points did Tony Romo lead his offense to in the first half?

Giants 21, Cowboys 0. These facts cannot be ignored. Maybe he would be good enough to win a Super Bowl if the Cowboys had a great defense. But what if that never happens? Then it’s up to Romo to play so well that he overcomes the flaws of the rest of the team.

It may not be fair to him or any QB, but it’s in the job description that the guy taking the snaps and the head coach always catch the most heat when there is failure.


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