Broaddus talks about working with Callahan

We get great stuff from ESPN Dallas Cowboys expert so you will be excited to hear he’s giving Bill Callahan a positive review after working with…

That was quite a staff in Philly with Ray Rhodes back in the day. Callahan can hopefully put an end to the endless amount of ridiculous false start penalties.


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4 Responses to Broaddus talks about working with Callahan

  1. DaBoogityMan says:

    Nice look to the new site. I was afraid you got mad & quit us there for a day or 2!

  2. w says:

    New layout looks great.
    I’m getting tired of people who support JJ as GM, saying that he won three Super Bowls.
    Jones had very little to do with that success.
    The proof?
    What did he do right after winning two Super Bowls and having to make a decision without Jimmy Johnson’s input?
    He hired Barry Switzer.
    Case closed.

  3. dee says:

    Jj has been horrible these last few years but if your going to balme him for this you have to give him credit for those superbowls. He hasn’t changed that’s why we are were we are now. Jj stuck in some of his old ways. Sometimes times change and old ideas don’t work. That’s why I though campo and hudson houck should have been gone two years ago. I just think what ever they were teaching didn’t work, players were not believing in it, or they just we’re not good enough. I think its all three so its best to clean them all out

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